Our Story

The conception of Pahari Talkies came with the vision of bringing the untold stories of the Himalayas to a global platform and providing an enriching experience of socio-cultural exchange to the audience through Audio Visual media.

In doing so, our team of dynamic creators and avid travelers tread through the hills, searching for stories and capturing their essence in the most natural environment possible. 

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Meet The Team


Abhimanyu K Pathak

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An engineering student in his third year realized that he belonged to a world of art and storytelling. On having this realization, Abhimanyu left all hopes of being an engineer. Instead, he started focussing his efforts on the realm of media and filmmaking.

Abhimanyu has worked in various roles ranging from Digital Marketing executive in a software company to act as an Assistant Director in a theatre academy.

After having shuffled around in the corporate industry for over two years, he packed up his bags and moved to Ladakh for a year. He spent time with the locals there and worked on a few projects trying to capture the essence of the indigenous communities of the region there. Here he found his calling and started working as a professional filmmaker. Since then, he has continued to work in all formats of media.

He has worked in the startup ecosystem and is passionate about entrepreneurial journeys. He assists various early-age startups in developing their business and marketing strategies to scale their companies to reach a broader market and increase revenues.


Monisha Bahuguna

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Sometimes big decisions in life are chalked out or planned by parents, mentors, seniors, and career counselors. Sometimes it is destiny. Choosing Media and Communication Studies four years ago was something like this. Since then, the journey has seen highs and lows. From uncertainty to the surety that everything that revolves around us has more than just science, I have come a long way. 


I belong to a background in Journalism and Public Relations. From reporting stories to creating a bridge between government policies and the masses, I have learned tips and tricks to make things possible using easy communication skills. I have worked with academics and various other government firms. I was responsible for reaching out to potential collaborators and firms that could bring a boost to the existing working of my clients or can ease their work in terms of communication.


With Pahari Talkies, we get a chance to do everything from one place. I am glad to be here and can't wait to see many of you joining the family. 


We are firm in giving you the best work. We welcome you with open arms Chai, Coffee, and Donuts. :)